Hello girls! Have you noticed that, for some time, there is a trend of brands that take care of our hair from natural ingredients and healthier options? And I'm not just talking about daily care products, but also coloring products.

When we go to the supermarket or the pharmacy, we find millions of cosmetic products and many times we do not know which one to buy.

Therefore, today I want to tell you the main reasons for choosing products with natural ingredients so that you can go for the best option when you have the opportunity:

  1. Their formulas are free of harmful chemicals and are supplemented with natural ingredients, such as vegetable oils and plant extracts.
  2. They are skin-friendly, so bye bye to burning, redness, or itching.
  3. They do not include artificial flavors, preservatives or artificial aroma. Amazing!
  4. They help to restore the natural state of the hair strand, without damaging the pH of the scalp.
  5. Its effects are milder and less aggressive, vs. conventional cosmetics.
  6. They are more responsible with the planet because they do not test on animals, and I love that!

Many laboratories are already changing the way they formulate and work their products, leaving aside traditional cosmetics and toxic substances. Now they say HELLO to the natural components to manufacture shampoos, conditioners, masks, tints, lipsticks and many more products. Excelent, right?

In addition, the Study of Commercial Intelligence of Cosmetics and Personal Hygiene, prepared by COPECOH, detailed that the main trends in the cosmetic industry are, among others, the prolongation of life and the use of natural ingredients.

I am sure that, after reading this note, you will run to review all the products that you have been using and you will notice that many of them contain chemicals that are harmful to your health. If this is your case, it is time to change them!

A kiss
Happy Anne.